Benefit set for girl, 6

    Editors note: The following was written by Ebony Ann Fawcett's mother, Beth Ann Fawcett. A children's carnival and silent auction will be held for Ebony Ann from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. this Saturday at First United Methodist Church, 502 W. Monroe St. in Decatur. The benefit will feature games, prizes, a raffle, a bake sale, hot dogs, cotton candy and more. The event is open to the public.

    Ebony Ann Fawcett is a happy six-year-old girl. She is in the process of chemo treatments for stage 4 neuroblastoma, which will continue until February 2012.
    Her life has changed so much over the last two years. She got a mommy and a family that love her unconditionally. She started school, made friends, spent her first summer, fall and winter as a happy, healthy and loved little girl.
    Then, on January 7, 2011, we were told her neuroblastoma had relapsed resulting in twice-a-week blood draws, blood and platelet transfusions every 21 days she is admitted for 10 chemo treatments.
    She has missed so many things — her thick curly hair has fallen out, she has had to receive schooling through homebound tutoring which means she misses seeing all of her friends, all the field trips, all the class parties and just playing and laughing.
    Ebony Ann loves to eat at restaurants and enjoys salad bars. With her current diet, salad bars are out of the question. She is one child who will eat her fruits and vegetables, but until treatments are completed, many of these have been omitted.
    She is a social butterfly, but she has to restrict contact (hugs and high fives) to just family. She always wears a mask out of our home. When people stare she gets sad and I tell her to say hi to them because they are just unsure. She says it is to protect her from germs and that she is trying to stay healthy. People cannot get anything from her.
    She has continued to be her crafty, creative self. Her hair is beginning to come back; she is getting taller, losing her teeth and is a joy to be around. God has blessed us so very much from making us a forever family to showing us all the love and support from our church family and hometown for this brave little girl.