Because they care, students collect coats for others

    Just a few weeks ago, Bellmont Student Council hosted its secnd annual charity event called Coats Because We Care during the Bellmont versus Dekalb football game.
    The event was created by Bellmont Senior Logan Smith, the student council president, just a year ago. Logan came up with the idea upon returning from the Hugh O'Brien Leadership Conference held at Butler University earlier in the year. In order to return to the conference the following year as an alumnus, Smith was required to serve 100 community service hours. Starting a community project of your own was encouraged.
    Coincidentally, Logan's family already operated the community's Hope Chest, a consignment shop and local charity located on Second street. But even with the help of grants and monetary donations the Hope Chest usually falls short on a supply of coats.
    The combination of these two instances gave Logan the idea to collect donated coats from fellow students at a Bellmont football game. He then proposed the idea to the student council.
    It was agreed upon and then put into action by Bellmont High's Senior Student Council representatives: Smith, Kyle Blythe, Mikala Quinn, Katlyn Cook, Kyle Smith, and Natalie McConnell.
    Around 350 coats and almost $650 have been raised through the two years of this event. Because of its growing success of the program, Logan hopes to continue this event by passing responsibility to a member of the community.