Beat the Pros round of 32 standings

      After an upset-stacked second round of the NCAA tournament, the most games correctly guessed out of a possible 32 was Garrett Fuelling's 26 out of 32. Looking towards the future rounds, Garrett has all of his Final Four teams intact and seven of eight Elite Eight teams.

      The lowest score was 17 but with the amount of upsets it's still anyone's contest. Below is a breakdown of the brackets by score and then a list of the top brackets as of Saturday morning. 

17: 3;    18: 8;   19: 13;   20: 29;    21: 28;   22: 33;   23: 13;    24: 7;   26: 1*


Top brackets:

26: Garrett Fuelling

25: (none)

24: Ron Manley, John Fuelling, James Voglewede III, Major Spiegel, Tim Wilson, Ed Hormick, Raymond Ehrsam. 

23: Jim Hopkins (DDD Pro), Lee Hoopingarner, James Compton, Sally Irwin, Roger Manley, Mason Selking, Max Eichanauer, Brian Zeser, Tony Rekeweg, Larry Ralldenbush, Mike Macke, and Steve Harvey. 

22: Bob Shraluka (DDD Pro), 32 others.

21: J Swygart & Dylan Malone (DDD Pros), 26 others.

20: Joe Spaulding (DDD Pro), 28 others.