Auditor was not shirking

    A page one story in Wednesday's edition of the Daily Democrat about a request by Adams County Auditor Bill Borne for the county council to approve pay increases for his staff incorrrectly reported criticism from county council member Phil Wulliman.
    The error occurred because this reporter misapprehended a change in the discussion between Borne's pay request and a visit to the council's meeting in June by Terry Smith of the county health department in regard to pay issues for the health staff.
    Thus, when Wulliman spoke about someone "shirking his responsibilities" in regard to handling pay issues for staff members, he was referring to Smith, the longtime county sanitarian, and not to Borne.
    Wulliman called the Daily Democrat on Wednesday afternoon, as soon as he learned of the incorrect story, and made clear (1) that he was talking only about Smith and not Borne and (2) that he is critical of Smith only in the way in which he has dealt with staff pay, but not about any other aspect of how Smith has done his job for many years.