Ask the sheriff

Staff Writer

    As an elected official, I believe in the philosophy that elected officials should be approachable, accessible and willing to field any question asked of them, and allow for public input. In that spirit, as your Sheriff, I begin this column, which will allow the public to email me questions or comments. Every two weeks, I will respond here. After all, elected officials are in place to serve you.
    Although I generally hold to the idea that no question is off-limits, keep in mind that I cannot give legal advice or address issues such as jail security or a current law enforcement investigation.
    Here’s how this will work: Email your question to A question will be selected and the answer will be published. In some cases, I may be able to deal with a couple of different topics at a time. I will make every effort to personally answer your questions via email, even if they do not appear in the column. Not every question will make the column, and questions or comments may be edited for brevity. Names will not be published unless requested.
    It is important that I receive input from the community and I look forward to hearing from you.
    Ask the Sheriff a question by emailing Adams County Sheriff Dan Mawhorr at