Area youth tourneys coming up

    Monroe Grain is ready to make a run at Monroe LL leaders Peterson Grain and the Farm Bureau Lifers as the regular season winds down. The tourney will be in full force Thursday, though the seeds have not been decided.
    The tourney will open with two games Thursday and two other seeded teams will take on winners of the Thursday games on Friday night. The tourney will pick up Monday and run through June 29, a Thursday. It is a double-elimination tourney.
    Monroe Grain, which was slated to play Peterson Grain this week, could end up in a tie for the lead. The Lifers and Peterson also clash this week. These games will decide the top three seeds in the tourney.
    The Hoosier East Baseball Alliance Tournaments are also slated to begin this week. The Oetting Insurance Cubs of Monroeville will clash with the Monroeville Pills in what amounts to a play-in Mays (9-10) Tournament contest at 6 p.m. in Monroeville tonight. That winner will meet league champ Kintz Insurance of Decatur at 6 p.m. Thursday in Monroeville in the quarter-final round.
    At Monmouth Thursday, Heyerly Ice will meet Bixler Insurance of Decatur at 6 p.m.. In Decatur, Box and Pallet of Monroeville will take on Decatur Dental at 6:00, while Hull Lift Truck will meet Fleming Rays of Monmouth at 7:45.
    Semi-finals will be held at Monroeville and Monmouth on Tuesday, June 28, while Decatur will host the championship Mays contest on Thursday, June 30, at 6 p.m.
    An all-Decatur semi-final might move from Monroeville on Tuesday back to Decatur.
    The H.E.B.A. Reese (11-12) tourney will be drawn today after the final regular season games. The Clemente (7-8) H.E.B.A. tourney will also be drawn and then will start later in the week.