Apparent illness fells Sigler

        (Editor's note: The following was written at 4:30 p.m., shortly before the Daily Democrat's press time for its Saturday morning edition.)

    Minutes after delivering his closing argument in the Charlie White case, former Adams County prosecutor Dan Sigler, acting as special prosecutor in the White case, quietly left the Hamilton County Courthouse north of Indianapolis.
    According to reports, he summoned his wife, then a short time later was placed on a gurney and taken away by ambulance.
    Sigler reportedly was suffering from flu-like symptoms.
    Two other special prosecutors were still in the courtroom, including his son, DJ Sigler, a Bellmont High School graduate.
    DJ Sigler told the jury Charlie White knew what he was doing was wrong but he did it anyway in pursuit of political power. He told the jury the evidence "all fits together."
    ‘‘If we aren’t going to enforce election law against the secretary of state of Indiana, who are we going to enforce it against?’’ Sigler said.
    The jury in the case began deliberations about 12:30 p.m. Friday following all the closing arguments.
    Prosecutors have accused White of using his ex-wife’s address instead of the address of a condo he had with his fiancie when he registered to vote in the May 2010 Republican primary. They allege White didn’t want to give up his $1,000-per-month Fishers Town Council salary after moving from that district.