Anti-drug council is given new grant

    A $125,000 federal grant has been awarded to the Substance Abuse Awareness Council (SAAC) in Adams County by the Office of National Drug Control Policy as part of the local group's continuing involvement with and support from the U.S. Drug-Free Communities (DFC) program.
    In an announcement about the grant, Indiana Sixth District U.S. Rep. Mike Pence said, "This grant will be used to help Adams County toward its goal of creating a healthy, safe, and drug-free community. I commend the Adams County Substance Abuse Awareness Council for being one of 87 grantees selected from 452 applicants" nationwide.
    SAAC will begin its sixth year of such federal financing on October 1, according to Beth Ralston, a spokeswoman at the agency. She added that SAAC will seek another four years of the same assistance.
    SAAC includes members from many parts of the Adams County community: youth, parents, businesses, schools, organizations that serve youth, law enforcement, religious groups, and civic groups. Governmental and other organizations also are involved in reducing substance abuse.
    The three school systems in Adams County are partners in SAAC's efforts, too, it was noted.
    An announcement from the White House Drug Policy Office says, in part, that "to qualify for these matching grants, awardees must have at least a six-month history of working together on youth substance use-reduction initiatives, have representation from 12 required sectors of the community, develop a long-term plan to reduce youth substance abuse, and participate in a national evaluation of the DFC."