Annual parade on 25th

    Decatur's annual Callithumpian Parade will be an early one this year, scheduled for Monday, October 25, but the annual fireworks show may not go off at all.
    Travis Alexander, representing the city's Callithumpian Committee, appeared before Decatur City Council on Tuesday night to request several street closings. In so doing, he revealed dates for the parade and fireworks.
    The parade — which should be a long one in this election year — will go off at its usual 6:59 p.m. time on October 25. Halloween is on Sunday, October 31, and it's already been announced that trick or treating will be from 6 to 8 that night.
     While the parade is a sure thing, rain or shine, if some rain doesn't start showing up soon the fireworks scheduled for Saturday, October 23, may be endangered.
    Mayor John Schultz said at Tuesday's council meeting that he "is very concerned, and so is (Fire Chief) Les (Marckel)," about the fireworks display due to the dry spell that began back in mid-August. Adams County remains under an open burning ban.
    "We will continue to monitor the situation and, hopefully, everything will come out okay," the mayor said. "We'll address it as we get closer; hopefully, we can get some rain."
    All the street closing requests were granted by council, including one for Sunday night before the parade. The committee asked to close Madison St. between Second and Third streets at 8 p.m. "to avoid the problem of vehicles being parked there on Monday morning.
    Mayor Schultz told Alexander to contact the pastor of the church which formerly occupied the onetime hotel building at Madison and Third to see if there might be an conflicts since the building is still in use.
    Following are the closings:
    Saturday, October 23: 8:30-10 p.m, Jackson St. from the Chamber of Commerce lot to US 224 for the fireworks.
    Sunday, October 24: Starting at 8 p.m., Madison St. between Second and Third streets.
    Monday, October 25: at 6 p.m., Monroe St. Extended from back entraance of Bellmont High School at Stadium Drive to 224.
    Monday, October 25: 5-10 p.m.:
    Madison St. from Second St. to alley toward First St.
    Madison St. from Second St. to Third St.
    Court St. from Second St. to alley.
    Jefferson St. from alley between Second and Third streets to the alley between First and Second streets.
    All alleys leading onto Second St. between Adams St. to Jackson St.
    No parking in the First St. parking lot beginning at noon.
    Close Second St. from Monroe St. to Five Points.
    No parking along Second St. from Adams St. to Monroe St.
    6:45-10 p.m., Monroe St. from Bellmont High School to Second St.