Amish sewer requirements to be defined

    The Adams County Regional Sewer District board of trustees is requesting guidance and assistance from other county officials in establishing a policy governing who will be required to hook into a fledgling sanitary sewer system and who will be omitted from the project.
    The board will turn to the county commissioners and the county board of health in establishing guidelines for participation in the sewer project — specifically as those policies pertain to members of the Amish community.
    During Thursday evening’s regular monthly meeting of the rural sewer district board, county attorney Mark Burry recommended the board reach out to the commissioners and health board for guidance because of their familiarity with an existing county ordinance governing on-site waste disposal systems and sewer connection requirements. Board of health officials will be included in those discussions due to their experience in enforcing local and state health department guidelines that address on-site waste systems as well as their history of working with Amish residents.
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