Amish scheme brings 6-year term

    Michelle D. Rodriguez, 32, Decatur, the alleged mastermind behind a string of armed robberies of Amish families by three teenage boys in September of 2012, was handed a six-year prison term in Adams Superior Court on Thursday..
    Rodriguez pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit armed robbery. Judge Patrick R. Miller handed down the sentence.
    In September of last year, Rodriguez was planning to move to Fort Wayne from Berne but found herself short on money. She allegedly instructed her son, Brady Rodriguez, 17; David Veliz, 19; and Alejandro Lopez, 18, to "go rob the Amish" in order to get the money she needed.
    The boys then allegedly and robbed or attempted to rob Amish families driving in their buggies, using baseball bats and gas masks. Two days later, the police had all four in custody.
    Lopez, Rodriguez, and Veliz still face felony charges, including armed robbery, attempted armed robbery, and criminal confinement.