Altered villas okayed

    A proposal to make four single villas into two larger villas at the Woodcrest Retirement Center was approved Wednesday night at the monthly board of trustees meeting of the Adams Health Network (AHN).
    AHN Executive Director Marvin L. Baird said the changes will convert four villas that are currently one-bedroom, one-bathroom, one-car garage units into a pair of two-bedroom, two-bathroom, two-car garage villas. He said the villas to be affected by the change — units 1 and 2 and 37 and 38 — are currently empty and that Woodcrest already has one interested tenant when the conversion is done.
    Baird said there are currently 42 villas at Woodcrest and 10 are empty. The great majority of those villas are of the one-bedroom, one-bathroom variety, and as evidenced by the long-standing vacancy of some villas at Woodcrest,  there is not a great demand for those accommodations.
    Woodcrest has recently seen a significant increase in the number of garden apartments attached to the Campus Center, with 44 of 48 units now filled. Baird said he feels "the demand for villa units is for the larger villas, not the one-bedroom and one-bathroom."
    The conversion of the current four villas will see two renovated villas that will be roughly 1,500 square feet, or about 400 square feet larger than the current villas being targeted. Due to the considerable amount of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work that would be necessary to do the renovation, Baird estimated it would cost about $78,000.
    He added that the hospital may try and do some of the work since it has a licensed plumber and electrician on staff which would save some money.
    After a discussion ensued about the proposal, the board members approved the proposal, although a start time for the work was not identified as final plans, including architectural drawings, are not complete.
    Baird also brought the board up-to-date on the roofing and painting project for the Woodcrest villas. The work planned for this fall for the villas has been completed and he said eight apartments recently had bathrooms renovated to remove bathtubs with walk-in shower stalls. This was something apartment residents had requested, Baird said.
    In addition to that work, Baird said the lobby at the Woodcrest Campus Center has a new design and new furniture. He said AHN officials have received many favorable comments about the work done at Woodcrest from residents and visitors alike.
    Other statistics provided by Baird showed that Evergreen Court Assisted Living Unit has 32 of its 34 rooms filled, which is considerably higher than it has been in recent months; that Woodcrest Nursing Home has 116 of 120 beds occupied and the Village of Heritage Nursing Home in Monroeville has remained at near complete capacity with 60 of 61 beds filled.
    The Stat Care outpatient non-emergency clinic saw 376 patients in October for an average of 12.1 per day.  Nearly 20 percent of those patients were Medicaid recipients (Medicaid reimburses the hospital virtually nothing for Stat Care visits), but the hospital still showed a slight profit after expenses for staff and supplies were subtracted from the revenue collected.