Adams Central gets $10,000 gift

    An anonymous donor recently presented Adams Central with a $10,000 donation meant to be used to help AC families in need, according to Superintendent Mike Pettibone.
    Pettibone told the Adams Central Board of Education Tuesday that he is "continually impressed with generosity and compassion of the Monroe community."
    The board agreed with Pettibone's statement, but cautioned against whether the school could be in charge of a fund that isn't used for school-related purposes. Some members also questioned who would govern the money.
    Pettibone said he would like to see a team of people oversee the fund.
    School attorney Adam Miller said the donation, and its requested purpose, is something that will have to be approved by the State Board of Accounts.
    The suggestion was then made of contacting Coni Mayer of the Adams County Community Foundation (ACCF)  to see if the ACCF could oversee the  fund.
    Miller said he would contact the State Board of Accounts to determine what needs to be done to use the fund for it's intended purpose.