AC graduation to mark end of an era

    The beginning of a new year marks the halfway point for high schoolers. We've rounded the corner of second semester and are now in the home stretch with summer vacation quickly approaching.
    June 2 is graduation day at Adams Central, and marks the end of an era; it will be the school's last traditional graduating class. This year's seniors will be the last to have gone through their school years learning in a traditional style classroom, and their graduation will mean a completely New Tech high school.
    Jokingly referred to as the "middle children" of Adams Central, the senior class has never had laptops like the under classmen do, but somewhere somebody decided that didn't have to mean not experiencing a New Tech classroom. Well, minus the technology.
    As sophomores and juniors the class of 2013 had the option of a "New Tech(ish) experience" through combined classes. Both of which received mixed reviews from students, and are the reason that the decision was made to eliminate the combined class option for the class's last year of high school.
    The fact that the seniors are the only non-New Tech class in the school merits mixed reactions from the students.
    Senior Samantha Holley points out that "the senior class of Adams Central is the only class in Adams County without technology," and while this is true it's not always viewed as a bad thing.
    Lydia Johnson supports the 'non-tech' style learning: "I'm glad we didn't go New Tech, leaving for college next year I feel more prepared;we're more independent and not so used to relying on groups."
    Kyle Barron, when asked about his New Tech classes, said "There's not as much teacher interaction," and pointed out that for the seniors the lack of technology hindered the experience.
    Heather Gerber agreed with this, adding, "Teachers seemed just as unprepared for the change as students." 
    Reactions to New Tech will always be mixed, and both sides hold solid arguments; New Tech isn't right or wrong, it's just something different. And next September, no matter their opinion of the new learning style, all students at Adams Central High School will be New Tech students.