AC to become a pilot school

    Adams Central is set to become a pilot school in Computer Software Engineering (CSE) for Project Lead the Way (PLTW), beginning next year.
    Jonathon Patterson, PLTW teacher, told the AC Board of Education recently that studies show by 2018, CSE will be the number one "hot job."
    "We need to have a class that we offer computer software engineering," said Patterson.
    There are approximately 4,700 schools across the nation participating in PLTW, according to Patterson, with 5,200 different programs offered. In an effort to promote this growing industry, PTWL has offered 50 schools an opportunity to pilot the course at no cost.
    After receiving approval, Patterson said he submitted his application and resume to PLTW and Adams Central was accepted as one of these pilot schools.
    Patterson will receive training over the summer, at no cost to the school, as he will become a master teacher, instructing other educators how to teach the CSE program.
    "It really benefits us as a school for us to pilot and for me to become a master teacher," said Patterson. "So then the course would be free, and all the software. The biggest software would be some type of Android app. The kids are going to be programming and developing an app for an Android phone, so that would be the only cost that we would need."
    The board praised Patterson for his work with PLTW and approved the motion to become a pilot school, 6-0.