66 (wow!) to 19 (ugh!)?

    Spring-like conditions rolled into the Decatur area and Indiana on Tuesday, but it won't last long. In fact, temperatures already are heading down ... way down.
    The city weather station recorded a high of 66 degrees on Tuesday — double the normal high of 33 degrees for this area on January 29. But the National Weather Service says tonight's low could dip all the way to 19, close to the norm of 17 for the date. And Thursday's high may reach only the low 20s!
    Indianapolis set a new record high of 65 degrees shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday. The weather service said the previous record for the day was 64 degrees, set in 1947.
    A storm system pushing across the Midwest brought Indiana strong thunderstorms packing winds of up to 65 mph amid the unseasonably warm temperatures.
    The weather bureau said overnight storms with winds in excess of 50 mph swept across much of the state. The highest reported gusts were 65 mph winds in south-central Indiana’s Monroe and Morgan counties.
    Half an inch of rain was recorded at the Decatur weather station up to 7 a.m. today, and the St. Marys River rose a little more than a foot, to 7.04 feet this morning.
    The weather bureau said the rain would be ending in our area before noon today, but we could get some snow showers tonight. A high of 58 was likely today, forecasters said, before tonight's low dips to around 19. Southwest and west winds at 15 to 20 mph are expected today through tonight.    
    There will be a slight chance of snow showers on Thursday, with the high around 22, west winds up to 20-25 mph, followed by a nighttime low of 6 above — and wind chills around minus 10.
    Friday's forecast calls for a high here near 16, west winds at 15-20 mph, and a low around 13.