40-year-old stadium needs repairs

    A report from Larry Carty, the North Adams director of transportation, facilities and grounds, at this week's school board meeting turned out primarily to be a discussion with the board over what repairs need to be done at Bob Worthman Stadium.
    Money for the work will be included in the North Adams capital projects fund, but both Carty and the board agreed that finances dictate that not everything that needs to be done will be accomplished in the coming year.
    Board president Tim Ehlerding encouraged Carty to "do it right, we don't need a Band-Aid cure. That's what has been done for the past 20 years. We need to think outside the box in terms of how to approach this project."
    Carty agreed, saying the school is awaiting quotes to scope out a cost estimate that would allow plumbing fixtures, piping, and partitions to be replaced. Such work would bring the stadium into compliance with standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
    Noting that 2011 capital project funds would be encumbered for the project, Carty said it is likely that monies from the 2012 budget will also be needed to achieve the work that is necessary.
    The interior work slated is in an area of the stadium that Carty referred to as "a bunker," making it more detailed than, say, public restroom renovations that are located along an exterior wall of the stadium.