20 of 25 provisionals rejected

    The Adams County Election Board met on Friday to review the provisional ballots cast in the Nov. 6 presidential election.
    A provisional ballot is cast when there is some question as to the eligibility of the voter, such as not having valid Indiana identification or not showing as a registered voter, according to board Chairman Alan Baumgartner.
    Of the 25 provisional votes reviewed by the board, only five were accepted, with 20 provisional votes rejected.
    Of those accepted, two did not have Indiana identification at the time of voting, but brought proper identification to the courthouse within the alloted time, and one was determined to be a paperwork error stating that the voter was not registered when in fact the voter was properly registered.
    Additionally, two had requested a voter transfer from another Indiana county that was not properly forwarded to Adams County. Research showed that the request had indeed been made and neither voter was at fault.
    Of those provisional ballots that were rejected, six were registered to vote in another county, four had been cancelled as registered voters after not voting in two presidential elections, and three did not have valid Indiana identification at the time of voting.
    Additionally, three had no history of ever being a registered voter and failed to submit proof of having registered, two were canceled after election information was returned as undeliverable by the post office, and two live in another county.