1902 depot in line for some work

    The 98-year-old, onetime Pennsylvania Railroad depot on Seventh St. hasn't been forgotten.
    The empty building is in line for some future repairs and it could even get an occupant before long, Mayor John Schultz said at Tuesday night's Decatur City Council meeting.
    Gandy Dancers flower and gift shop had used the depot for a number of years before leaving approximately a year and a half ago. In the summer of 2009, Building and Zoning Superintendent Roger Gage checked out the structure and found it in need of some repairs, especially tuck pointing (mortar work). The tuck pointing was done by Andrew Garcia of Stronghold Masonry of Decatur for a bit over $1,200.
    Now "there are four things to do," the mayor said Tuesday night. "Doors, windows, insulation and a new furnace. We can't afford to do it all at once so I'm suggesting we do the doors now; Roger (Gage) agreed. So we'll get two (price) quotations and go from there.
    "I plan to do it in stages. Next would be the windows and maybe we can do those early next year. It's just too nice a building to let go."
    The mayor said he has been talking to a local utility which may be willing to help with repairs, and that the North Adams Arts Council "has some interest" in using the building.
    "We just need someone in there, to be there so it doesn't fall apart," Schultz said.
    The city has owned the depot for well over 20 years, having purchased it at a bargain price when Harold Miller was mayor.