The Daily Press Decatur Daily Democrat | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-07-11T09:16:26-04:00 St. is latest jail possibility2014-07-11T09:16:26-04:002014-07-11T09:16:26-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Adams County Council President Randy Colclasure on Tuesday said what County Commission Chairman Doug Bauman was hesitant to disclose one day earlier about the latest plans for a new county jail.<br />     The council president, near the end of the panel’s regular monthly meeting, said the recent elimination from consideration as a jail site of a property on Mercer Avenue owned by the Porter Family Foundation — because of its location in a flood plain —  “now puts 1st Street (in downtown Decatur) back on the table” as a potential jail location. Colclasure then candidly announced, “We are also looking at the Miller farm out by the Fleetwood plant” on Winchester Street in Decatur, just east of  U.S. 33. <br />     During Monday’s meeting of the Adams County Commissioners, Chairman Doug Bauman offered a brief judicial center update similar to the one he presented the week before. He opened his remarks by reiterating that “last week, the Porter site was not recommended” for construction of the new jail because a majority of the property would be under water in a 500 year flood.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMIKE LAMMWinchester St. is latest jail possibilityDecatur Daily 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      Cannons at Decatur’s Legon Park, which only recently were restored and refurbished by the local Legion post, were vandalized by spray paint late Wednesday or early Friday. Buildings at the park were also vandalized. Anyone with information may contact local law enforcement agencies.<br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableVandalizedDecatur Daily fees at NA revealed2014-07-11T09:13:56-04:002014-07-11T09:13:56-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      The North Adams Community Schools’ board of education on Tuesday set book fees for the upcoming school year.<br />      Book rental fees for students in kindergarten through fifth grade will be as follows:<br /> • Kindergarten — $65.22<br /> • First grade — $120.90<br /> • Second grade — $126.03<br /> • Third grade — $87.29<br /> • Fourth grade — $77.47<br /> • Fifth grade — $64.58<br />      Fees for students in grades six through 12 will be determined by the actual classes selected.<br />      Superintendent Brent Lehman reported book prices are decreasing due to the amount of coursework available through digital media.<br />   </p>Decatur, INNo author availableBook fees at NA revealedDecatur Daily Zurcher is Sagamore of the Wabash recipient2014-07-10T08:42:57-04:002014-07-10T08:42:57-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Paul Zurcher’s quiet lunch was rudely interrupted Wednesday.<br />     Well, maybe not so rudely.<br />     The longtime Monroe businessman and philanthropist thought he was going to lunch with a longtime friend. What he didn’t know was that, awaiting his arrival in a side room at the Back 40 Restaurant, was a host of family and friends — all of whom had gathered to help Zurcher celebrate his 90th birthday.<br />     And a special guest, bearing a special gift, was also in their midst.<br />     State Rep. Matt Lehman was on hand to present Zurcher the coveted Sagamore of the Wabash award from Gov. Mike Pence.<br />     The Sagamore of the Wabash is the highest distinction in Indiana that can be bestowed by the governor. “Sagamore” was a term used by native American tribes of Indiana to describe a lesser chief or a great man among the tribe whom the chief consulted for wisdom and advice. The Wabash is the state river of Indiana.<br />     Lehman, who had nominated the Monroe businessman for the honor, said Zurcher embodied all the attributes identified in the body of the text contained on the award — “Humanity in Living, his Loyalty in Friendship, his Wisdom in Council, and his Inspiration in Leadership.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INjPaul Zurcher is Sagamore of the Wabash recipientDecatur Daily pleased with Stellar visit2014-07-10T08:41:29-04:002014-07-10T08:41:29-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The city of Decatur took another step in its bid to obtain a multimillion dollar Stellar Communities Grant as the city played host to a group of Stellar representatives Tuesday.<br />     “I really think that our presentation yesterday (Tuesday) went very well,” said Decatur Mayor John Schultz. “After the presentation was over, I looked back at what we should have done differently or what we should have included or excluded and honestly, I don’t think I would have changed a thing.”<br />     Schultz said the presentation included 10 different speakers, rather than having only the mayor and a consultant talk on behalf of  the city.<br />     “I think what should have impressed the state group is that this was a community presentation instead of a hired consultant presentation. I personally know six or seven of the state team and even though they could not say how our presentation was, I got the feeling we were impressive.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJANNAYA ANDREWSMayor pleased with Stellar visitDecatur Daily‘Dinner on the Bridge’ event is Saturday2014-07-10T08:38:39-04:002014-07-10T08:38:39-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      There are still reservations available for Saturday’s “Dinner on the Bridge” event at the covered bridge near Ceylon, Geneva Proud and Geneva Chamber of Commerce Director Pam Krause announced during Tuesday’s monthly Geneva Town Council meeting.<br />      The second annual meal at the covered bridge will be held from 4-7 p.m. and will feature a menu of brisket, pulled pork, stuffed pork loin, baked beans and sweet and sour coleslaw, as well as a hotdog bar “with all the fixins” for the kids, Krause stated. “You won’t go away hungry,” Krause added.<br />      Tickets for the event are $15 and may be purchased online at  Tickets will also be available the evening of the meal.<br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author available‘Dinner on the Bridge’ event is SaturdayDecatur Daily Geneva clerk to resign at year’s end2014-07-09T09:21:33-04:002014-07-09T09:21:33-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     At the end of a lengthy and involved monthly meeting of the Geneva Town Council Tuesday night, the biggest news of the evening came when a matter not on the agenda was broached by Clerk/Treasurer Bill Warren.<br />     Without fanfare, Warren announced to the public he has submitted his letter of resignation to councilors, which will become effective Jan. 1, 2015. Since there are two more years remaining on his unexpired term, Warren indicated the Republican Caucus will have the opportunity to name his successor.<br />     Warren stated he will have been in the post six years when he steps down in January and commented he has enjoyed his tenure in the position, but added, “It’s time. I’m not upset with the town or anything like that. It’s just time” for his retirement, he said, noting he has no other job offers or plans for employment elsewhere.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMIKE LAMMVeteran Geneva clerk to resign at year’s endDecatur Daily Adams bus driver pay scale okayed by board2014-07-09T09:20:54-04:002014-07-09T09:20:54-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     North Adams Community School board voted to approve bus driver compensation to be on a daily rate instead of a mileage rate.<br />     Business Manager Larry Carty voiced concerns about the drivers who were on shorter routes, but transporting the most children. “We have some who have three stops but also pick up 90 children. We need to pay them for their service, not their mileage.”<br />     Carty has been working with Transfinder to create a more balanced rider route. By using student loading data provided by drivers, the routes have eliminated pre-shuttle drops and adjusted adjacent routes.<br />     Bus drivers will now be paid $68.89 per day, with $0.25 per mile when traveling more than 60 miles per day. According to Carty, drivers are on the road 2-2.5 hours each day, making their pay about $34 per hour.<br />     “The drivers are responsible for the lives and safe transporation of children to and from school,” Carty stated. Drivers have to take a three day training course, exam and complete 40 hours of supervised driving to become licensed bus drivers.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INASHLEY THIEMENorth Adams bus driver pay scale okayed by boardDecatur Daily, Sir!2014-07-09T09:20:21-04:002014-07-09T09:20:21-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      The Spirit of Atlanta Drum Corps, an independent ensemble from Georgia conmprised of 150 members age 15 to 22, took the field at Worthman Stadium in Decatur Tuesday afternoon to practice for a performance later that night in Fort Wayne.<br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availablePracticing, Sir!Decatur Daily board member2014-07-09T09:19:27-04:002014-07-09T09:19:27-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      Jim Voglewede Jr. took his seat Tuesday as the newest member of the North Adams school board.<br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableNew board memberDecatur Daily