The Daily Press Decatur Daily Democrat | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2014-10-24T09:40:44-04:00 Center hosts poster painters for annual Rotary contest2014-10-24T09:40:44-04:002014-10-24T09:40:44-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      Youngsters from Decatur and the surrounding area flocked to the Riverside Center Thursday night for the Decatur Rotary Club’s 34th annual poster-paining contest. In the photo above, Lachelle Rehm and Taylor Brown work on their masterpieces.<br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableRiverside Center hosts poster painters for annual Rotary contestDecatur Daily numbers on the rise in county2014-10-24T09:38:31-04:002014-10-24T09:38:31-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     There may still be a hiring freeze in place for Adams County government, but as winter approaches it appears to be thawing.<br />     In the last couple of months, county officials have approved the employment of additional full-time help at the clerk of court’s office, the health department, Golden Meadows Home and the sheriff’s department. Monday, the Adams County Commissioners agreed to another new hire.<br />     Probation Department Chief Officer Rhonda McIntosh appeared before the commissioners to ask them to break the hiring freeze and allow her to advertise for the addition of a sixth full-time probation officer to her staff. She laid out a compelling case in support of breaking the hiring freeze.<br />     In the third quarter of 2014 alone, the probation department added 23 new juvenile cases, received 46 additional adult felony cases and 40 new adult misdemeanor cases. Overall, the department investigated and supervised a total of 831 probation cases in just the three months quarter, a recent report from McIntosh’s office showed.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMIKE LAMMProbation numbers on the rise in countyDecatur Daily descend on AMH2014-10-24T09:36:59-04:002014-10-24T09:36:59-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      The halls of Adams Memorial Hospital were filled with Trick-or-Treaters Thursday evening, including the crew pictured at right. In front is Julienna Augustyniak, 5. In back from left are Arrista Heare, 12, Krissy Mendez, 11, and Madison Sutherland, all of Decatur.<br /> <br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableTrick-or-Treaters descend on AMHDecatur Daily talks about dangers of pot legalization2014-10-23T09:05:18-04:002014-10-23T09:05:18-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      Marijuana use is on the rise in Adams County, and the debate over the possible legalization of the substance — and the ramifications were that to happen — was the main topic of conversation Wednesday during a special “Marijuana in Our Community” meeting held at Adams Memorial Hospital.<br />     Several community members gathered to hear panelists outline the current state of marijuana use in Adams County, what can be done to curb its use and how the legal community can help those with addiction problems.<br />     State Rep. Matt Lehman, R-Berne, said legislators currently are looking at decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, making possession of small quantities an infraction — similar to a traffic citation — rather than a misdemeanor.<br />     “This is different than legalizing it (marijuana),” Lehman said. “I’m completely against the legalization of marijuana.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INNo author availablePanel talks about dangers of pot legalizationDecatur Daily Hospital CEO says local officials are prepared2014-10-23T09:04:11-04:002014-10-23T09:04:11-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Ebola.<br />     That’s the topic that has been featured daily for the past several months in newspapers, radio talk shows, television news and in social media across the United States.<br />     It was also discussed Wednesday night by members of the Adams Health Network Board of Trustees at their regular monthly meeting held at the Adams Heritage Nursing Home near Monroeville.<br />     Chief Executive Officer JoEllen Eidam and director of nursing Michelle Gough brought the board up to date on how local hospital officials have been planning for an Ebola event  — given the vast amount of publicity the disease has generated.<br />     The CEO noted, “We want to assure the public we are prepared in case an Ebola case would ever reach Adams County. We need for people to keep calm. There’s a lot of unreliable information being spread out there so that’s why we’re sticking to credible sources for our information” such as the CDC and the Indiana State Department of Health.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJOE SPAULDINGEbola: Hospital CEO says local officials are preparedDecatur Daily’s jobless rate remains low2014-10-23T09:03:24-04:002014-10-23T09:03:24-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Unemployment in Adams County remained at the lowest level in several years during September, falling one-tenth of one percent from the previous month.<br />     According to the monthly report issued Wednesday by the Indiana Department of Workforce Development the county’s jobless rate for September stood at 4.3 percent — down from 4.4 percent in August. One year ago 6.4 percent of Adams County residents were without jobs. In September 2012 that figure was 6.6 percent, down from 7.8 percent in September 2011.<br />     Jobless rates in Adams County peaked at 15.2 percent in July of 2010.<br />     The monthly state report showed 656 members of the county’s total workforce of 15,370 remained out of work last month.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJ SWYGARTCounty’s jobless rate remains lowDecatur Daily cooperation draws city’s praise2014-10-22T09:20:52-04:002014-10-22T09:20:52-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Work on demolishing the General Electric buildings in Decatur continues to go smoothly and, barring any major problems, the project could be completed by Thanksgiving, perhaps earlier.<br />     Mayor John Schultz told city council on Tuesday night all structures on the 9th Street property are expected to be down by the end of this week. “Then it will take a couple more weeks or so to clean up. They (the Brandenburg company heading up the work) are pretty sure they’ll be done before Thanksgiving; maybe before that.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INBOB SHRALUKAGE cooperation draws city’s praiseDecatur Daily superintendent Litwiller rewarded with 4-year pact2014-10-22T09:19:26-04:002014-10-22T09:19:26-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Scott Litwiller has spent nearly his entire life at South Adams Schools, attending the elementary and middle schools as a child, before later graduating from South Adams High School. After a stint in college to complete his education and get his bachelor and master’s degrees, Litwiller returned to South Adams, first as a teacher, then as a building principal before being named superintendant four years ago.<br />     Tuesday evening, members of the South Adams Board of Education made sure Litwiller will be staying with the school system for at least another four years as they approved an extended four-year contract for their top administrator, who in the past had been offered only consecutive one-year contracts.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMIKE LAMMSA superintendent Litwiller rewarded with 4-year pactDecatur Daily fall concert series begins2014-10-22T09:17:16-04:002014-10-22T09:17:16-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      Members of the middle school and high school instrumental band classes at South Adams Schools performed in concert Tuesday evening in the high school  gymnasium with a large crowd on hand.<br /> <br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableSA fall concert series beginsDecatur Daily colors a treat for area residents2014-10-21T09:22:10-04:002014-10-21T09:22:10-04:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      Autumn’s color show was likely at its peak late last week, with these horses surrounded by the yellows, oranges and reds that briefly put on a show in Adams County. The photo looks west off Ohio-Indiana State Line Road south of C.R. 900S.<br /> <br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableFall colors a treat for area residentsDecatur Daily