The Daily Press Decatur Daily Democrat | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-01-27T09:05:27-05:00 cost projections altered downward 2015-01-27T09:05:27-05:002015-01-27T09:05:27-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Joe Hoffman, senior vice president for Construction Control Inc., updated the Adams County Commissioners Monday on the latest cost totals associated with the planned construction of a new Adams County jail.<br />     Presenting commissioners with a 20-page, spiral-bound, detailed report breaking down all expenses connected to the project, Hoffman indicated the new total estimated cost to build the facility is now just more than $15 million. The number reflects a reduction of more than $309,000 from the initial figure released last year during the schematic phase of the enterprise, Hoffman said.<br />     The new total reflects a decrease in design contingency fees, from 10 percent to 5 percent, and contains both increases and decreases in various areas from the original plans. Hoffman indicated the total cost figure includes expenses associated with the construction of an access road, curbs and other related costs to make the facility accessible to the public and connected to Winchester Street.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMike LammJail cost projections altered downward Decatur Daily press will ‘revolutionize’ EP Graphics, execs tell council2015-01-27T09:03:52-05:002015-01-27T09:03:52-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The purchase of a new piece of equipment will revolutionize production at EP Graphics and provided extra incentive for Berne City Council on Monday to unanimously pass a resolution approving the renewal of the company’s annual CF-1 tax abatement.<br />     EP Graphics representatives John Richert, customer service and quality manager, and Jan Simmons, sales manager, informed the council the company is in the process of purchasing a new printing press — the Sunday 2000 — which they say will nearly triple production at the facility.<br />     “This is actually a long time coming,” said Simmons. “We’ve been trying to purchase this press for about four years. The problem is, they’re so popular that as soon as one comes on the market, somebody beats us to it. These things go quick, so we want to move fast on this.”<br />     In fact, Richert added, the reason EP Graphics President Tyler Kitt was unable to attend the meeting is because he is currently in Texas examining the equipment. “He (Kitt) sends his apologies for not being here personally,” Richert said, “But we really don’t want to waste any time on this, so he’s down there right now looking things over.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJannaya AndrewsNew press will ‘revolutionize’ EP Graphics, execs tell councilDecatur Daily know the drill2015-01-27T09:01:22-05:002015-01-27T09:01:22-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     It had been a while since they’d been needed, following more than a week of mostly pleasant (for January) weather, but snowblowers emerged from garages en masse Monday morning following a 2-inch snow which fell the previous day.<br />  </p>Decatur, INJ SWYGARTYou know the drillDecatur Daily ‘Time to pull the alarm’ in battle against meth and heroin2015-01-26T09:35:01-05:002015-01-26T09:35:01-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The two-year state budget currently being debated in the Indiana General Assembly will likely include additional monies necessary to combat the social ills caused by an epidemic of heroin and methamphetamine use in the Hoosier State.<br />     That was one of the messages brought to Decatur Saturday morning by the two men who represent Adams County at the Statehouse.<br />     State Sen. Travis Holdman, R-Markel, and State Rep. Matt Lehman, R-Berne, held their first town hall-type meeting of the current legislative session Saturday at the Decatur library. The pair also met with constituents earlier that morning in Berne.<br />     “Indiana has a real drug problem,” Lehman told two dozen area residents at the Decatur meeting. “Meth is a big problem, but heroin is right on its heels. I think you’ll see us (lawmakers) come up with some additional funding to clean this up. It’s a mess, and there is no silver bullet,” said Lehman. “It’s a priority of ours.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJ SWYGARTHoldman: ‘Time to pull the alarm’ in battle against meth and heroinDecatur Daily, wind snarl roadways2015-01-26T09:33:51-05:002015-01-26T09:33:51-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Despite the recent spate of mild weather in Indiana, it is still January and Hoosiers were reminded spring is still a few months away following another winter blast from Mother Nature Sunday.<br />     Plummeting temperatures ushered in another 2 inches of snow in Adams County overnight, bringing the January total to 9.5 inches to date.<br />     “City crews went to work at 3 a.m. clearing Sunday’s snow,” said Operations Director Jeremy Gilbert. “As of 6:15 a.m., streets are a little slick but our salt truck is out salting.”<br />     All three public school systems were operating on a two hour delay this morning as county and state crews worked to clear rural roads.<br />     “The roads are snow covered and slick, and it’s a little worse in the south (of Adams County) than in the north,” said Adams County Highway Superintendent Tim Barkey. “It started yesterday with rain, then turned to snow and it was already more prevalent in the southern part of the county.”<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJannaya AndrewsSnow, wind snarl roadwaysDecatur Daily up the sidewalks2015-01-26T09:33:00-05:002015-01-26T09:33:00-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat Carolyn and Jerry Voglewede worked together to clear the sidewalk this morning on Adams Street.<br />  </p>Decatur, INKellan DeamCleaning up the sidewalksDecatur Daily closings and delays2015-01-26T06:55:33-05:002015-01-26T06:55:33-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     North Adams, Adams Central, South Adams, St. Joseph Catholic and Wyneken Lutheran Memorial school systems are all operating on a 2 hour delay this morning. Bluffton-Harrison, Northern Wells and Southern Wells in Indiana, and Crestview Local, Parkway Local, Van Wert City and Vantage Career Center in Ohio are also operating on a 2 hour delay this morning. Jay County Schools are operating on a 3 hour delay. We will update this information as needed.</p>Decatur, INNo author availableSchool closings and delaysDecatur Daily video: 2015 'Bad Lip Readings' video spoofs NFL football stars2015-01-23T15:13:56-05:002015-01-23T15:13:56-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat The latest 'Bad Lip Readings' video skewers many of the NFL's biggest stars with some unforgettable lines.<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Decatur, INNo author availableTrending video: 2015 'Bad Lip Readings' video spoofs NFL football starsDecatur Daily, small businesses await chamber honors2015-01-23T09:33:32-05:002015-01-23T09:33:32-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Each year the Decatur Chamber of Commerce gives three awards to recognize outstanding community citizenship and service to the Decatur community. The awards will be presented at the chamber’s annual dinner, to be held Feb. 5 at the Knights of Columbus pavilion in Decatur.  <br />     Social hour for the annual banquet begins at 5:45 p.m., with dinner at 6:30 p.m. The cost of dinner is $25. Reservations are required and may be made by calling the chamber at 724-2604.<br />     The Large and Small Business awards are given each year to businesses that have shown good corporate citizenship and have taken an active role in the community. <br />       The Large Business award this year goes to Masters Heating and Cooling. The Small Business award will be presented to Zwick and Jahn Funeral Home.<br />     For profiles of the award-winners, see today's print or online editions.<br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableLarge, small businesses await chamber honorsDecatur Daily board, new clerk of courts meet for first time2015-01-23T09:33:04-05:002015-01-23T09:33:04-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The first meeting of the 2015 Adams County Election Board took place Wednesday in preparation of the upcoming municipal elections in May.<br />     The first order of business was to select a chairman, which the board did unanimously in its appointment of sitting chairman John Minch. Attending his first meeting as a member of the board was newly-elected Adams County Clerk of Courts Jim Voglewede.<br />     Three county residents who sought elected office in 2014 were facing $50 fines for failure to submit campaign finance reports in a timely manner. That decision was reached during the board’s December meeting of the three-member election board — the final meeting for outgoing Clerk of Courts Gayla Reinhart. Vogelwede was also in attendance at that meeting<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJANNAYA ANDREWSElection board, new clerk of courts meet for first timeDecatur Daily