The Daily Press Decatur Daily Democrat | AP iAtom feed Copyright The Daily Press 2015-01-23T15:13:56-05:00 video: 2015 'Bad Lip Readings' video spoofs NFL football stars2015-01-23T15:13:56-05:002015-01-23T15:13:56-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat The latest 'Bad Lip Readings' video skewers many of the NFL's biggest stars with some unforgettable lines.<script type="text/javascript"async src="" id="_nw2e-js"></script>Decatur, INNo author availableTrending video: 2015 'Bad Lip Readings' video spoofs NFL football starsDecatur Daily, small businesses await chamber honors2015-01-23T09:33:32-05:002015-01-23T09:33:32-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Each year the Decatur Chamber of Commerce gives three awards to recognize outstanding community citizenship and service to the Decatur community. The awards will be presented at the chamber’s annual dinner, to be held Feb. 5 at the Knights of Columbus pavilion in Decatur.  <br />     Social hour for the annual banquet begins at 5:45 p.m., with dinner at 6:30 p.m. The cost of dinner is $25. Reservations are required and may be made by calling the chamber at 724-2604.<br />     The Large and Small Business awards are given each year to businesses that have shown good corporate citizenship and have taken an active role in the community. <br />       The Large Business award this year goes to Masters Heating and Cooling. The Small Business award will be presented to Zwick and Jahn Funeral Home.<br />     For profiles of the award-winners, see today's print or online editions.<br />  </p>Decatur, INNo author availableLarge, small businesses await chamber honorsDecatur Daily board, new clerk of courts meet for first time2015-01-23T09:33:04-05:002015-01-23T09:33:04-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The first meeting of the 2015 Adams County Election Board took place Wednesday in preparation of the upcoming municipal elections in May.<br />     The first order of business was to select a chairman, which the board did unanimously in its appointment of sitting chairman John Minch. Attending his first meeting as a member of the board was newly-elected Adams County Clerk of Courts Jim Voglewede.<br />     Three county residents who sought elected office in 2014 were facing $50 fines for failure to submit campaign finance reports in a timely manner. That decision was reached during the board’s December meeting of the three-member election board — the final meeting for outgoing Clerk of Courts Gayla Reinhart. Vogelwede was also in attendance at that meeting<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INJANNAYA ANDREWSElection board, new clerk of courts meet for first timeDecatur Daily booths are available2015-01-23T09:32:03-05:002015-01-23T09:32:03-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat      The Decatur Chamber of Commerce is currently accepting applications for booth rentals for the annual Spotlight showcase event, to be held this year from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. March 14 at Bellmont Middle School.<br />      The Spotlight event, which annually draws more than 2,000 visitors, according to the chamber, allows local businesses and organizations to promote and display their goods and services.<br />      Spotlight premier sponsor packages, which allow a double booth in the cafeteria area, are available for $1,500. Spotlight beacon packages, with a double booth in the gymnasium, are available for $1,200. Booths in the cafetorium are $299; booths in the main gym/corridor are $199 and booths for small, not-for-profit organizations may be purchased for $99.<br />      To reserve a space call the chamber at 724-2604.</p>Decatur, INNo author availableSpotlight booths are availableDecatur Daily put positive spin on court setback2015-01-22T09:23:44-05:002015-01-22T09:23:44-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     When it came time for the weekly judicial center update at the end of Tuesday morning’s meeting of the Adams County Commissioners, Chairman Doug Bauman opened the report by announcing he didn’t have much to say.<br />     “We had our meeting with the BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) of Decatur and were denied. We respect and understand their decision. At this point in time — I don’t know whether you call it a ‘time out’ or a ‘break in the action’ — but we will be re-evaluating what we need to do,” Bauman said.<br />     The Decatur BZA last week rejected a request from the county for variances from various city ordinances which, if approved, would have paved the way for the construction of a new superior court on 3rd Street in Decatur.<br />     Bauman then quickly changed gears, noting, “The jail is on full go. We should be getting a projection cost back from CCI in the near future reflecting revisions in that project. At this point in time, we’re focusing on the jail,” the chairman said.    <br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMike LammCommissioners put positive spin on court setbackDecatur Daily police, fire pension deficiencies pointed out2015-01-22T09:22:27-05:002015-01-22T09:22:27-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     There was a familiar face in the new surroundings at Tuesday night’s Decatur City Council meeting. Longtime police chief Ken Ketzler, who retired last summer, was on hand to talk about police and firefighter pensions.<br />     Remember the city’s problem with 27 pay periods which cropped up last year? Well, it’s had an effect on pensions, too.<br />     Just prior to council’s annual lengthy scrutiny of the proposed budget last August, it was discovered that the city was facing a once-in-11-years oddity: 27 pay periods rather than the normal 26. The situation is caused by the day on which the New Year’s holiday falls.<br />     So it has since come up about police and firefighter pensions being based on 26 or 27 pay periods last year.<br />     Ketzler, known around the state as an expert on police pensions, explained the law and 20 to 21 local pensioners whose pension funds will be affected. Mayor John Schultz said the city’s board of works and safety has determined that the pension outlay should be based on total salary; that would be based on 27 pay periods.<br />     An additional appropriation will be needed and council approved having Clerk-Treasurer Phyllis Whitright lump that appropriation with one needed to fund the salary of a new community coordinator as she guides the process through state officials.<br />     Councilmen Charlie Cook and Bill Crone, who are police pensioners, recused themselves from the vote to give Whitright authorization.<br />     It’s all relative, anyway, because, Schultz pointed out, several years ago the State Legislature took over funding of the firefighter and police pensions. “We fund it, then we are reimbursed later,” he explained.<br />     Council, by the way, approved 27 pay periods for the city’s 73 full-time employees last year.</p>Decatur, INBob ShralukaCity police, fire pension deficiencies pointed outDecatur Daily at Bunge North America2015-01-22T09:21:23-05:002015-01-22T09:21:23-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The Decatur Fire Department was on-scene starting at about 6:15 a.m. today at Bunge North America, 1200 N. 2nd St., in response to a fire that was believed to be in one of the facility’s drying units, according to a spokesman at the department. Firefighters from the Bluffton Fire Department were assisting Decatur firefighters with aerial units, while the Preble Volunteer Fire Department was on stand-by in Decatur should another fire occur. No further information was available when the Democrat went to press this morning.<br /> Photo by Kellan Deam</p>Decatur, INNo author availableFire at Bunge North AmericaDecatur Daily to re-evaluate hiring practices2015-01-21T12:04:49-05:002015-01-21T12:04:49-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     The pros and cons of using an outside employment agency to hire people to fill county government job openings became a topic of discussion during Adams County Engineer and Highway Department Superintendent Tim Barkey’s weekly report to the Adams County Commissioners Tuesday morning.<br />     Barkey told commissioners that while he has yet to fill a maintenance worker/operator position created through a series of internal promotions, “a person just gave their two week notice and I will again be asking to break the hiring freeze and hire another replacement.”<br />     With seven days still remaining on the current job posting with R & R Employment for the highway department position, Barkey wondered if it might be possible to include public works employees from Adams County cities, towns and schools in the initial search rather than just county employees as is now required. Such a provision would “open the envelope a little farther without opening the job to everyone,” he said.<br />     For the full story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INMike LammCounty to re-evaluate hiring practicesDecatur Daily City Council ‘joins 21st Century’ with new chambers2015-01-21T12:04:03-05:002015-01-21T12:04:03-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     “I want to welcome everybody to the new city hall,” Mayor John Schultz said. And with that, the first Decatur City Council meeting in the spacious new site of city government began Tuesday night.<br />     “This puts us in the 21st Century,” Schultz added later in the meeting.<br />     Five weeks earlier, council held its final meeting of 2014, then two weeks ago it was the first meeting of 2015 – and the final meeting in the city hall which has served this community since, according to best estimates, the 1920s.<br />     The former First State Bank building, a half-block from the now-abandoned building, was purchased from its last owner, Adams Memorial Hospital, for a mere $25,000. The renovation project will come in at around $1.3 million. So now the city has a building with many times more space than before, modern high-tech equipment, greatly enhanced security, and more.<br />     For the complete story, see today's print or online editions.</p>Decatur, INBob ShralukaDecatur City Council ‘joins 21st Century’ with new chambersDecatur Daily run2015-01-21T12:02:26-05:002015-01-21T12:02:26-05:00Copyright 2010 Decatur Daily Democrat     Decatur resident Ron Gallogly took a brisk run along the River Greenway Trail Monday morning under clear skies. Rain moved into the area Tuesday, making such activities problematic.<br />  </p>Decatur, INJ SWYGARTBrisk runDecatur Daily