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September 22, 2011

By Dylan Malone

    Well, here it is, folks. My first column here at the Democrat, and hopefully there will be a number of these to follow.
    First, I would like to extend my formal thanks to the former sports editor, Mr. Jim Hopkins for his many years of service and for offering my name up for consideration as his successor.
    While learning the responsibilities and duties that being a sports editor entails, I was told by a few co-workers that I was allowed to have a personal column to talk, shout, rant, rave, or even vent about the “goings-on” of the sporting world.
    When someone holds a post for a certain amount of time and people become used to the feel of the writer, it can be hard to buy into what the other person is selling.
    I have no intention of replacing “Hop’s Hersay” by any means, although I feel it necessary to point out the rumor around the office that at one time it was called “Hop’s HERESAY” until a typo caused a reader to complain to Jim that he forgot the “e.” Jim responded stubbornly by keeping the title the way it stands today.
     I am not sure just how true this story is, but it does illustrate my point here by how much importance can be placed on the title of a column. 
    Actually, I told Jim that I still want him to do his column, especially during wrestling season because I don’t believe there is a writer on the staff more dedicated to the sport.
    There are a wide array of different sports, records, disputes, and rosters that will make for interesting conversation and writing.
         I thought about the different things that I could write about and that made me think about the potential issue I would have to solve…a title for the column.
    And that’s what gave me an idea. Maybe I do not have to think of the title myself. Why not let you, the reader, come up with some good names?
    I have to admit that I am not the greatest at coming up with catchy titles and it would be very entertaining to me to read the ideas of the people.
    I have thrown around a few possibilities but so far nothing has stuck with me. I tried to use alliteration first. Dylan’s Dime, Downfield with Dylan, Malone Marvels, Message from Malone, Malone's Meanderings... A few of them were worse than that if you can believe it.
    I do believe that Joe Spaulding has a catchy title in “Get Your Own Whistle.” I’m not sure how he came across that as a title but I do know that “J”and “S” are much easier to use in alliterations then my initials. I would love to see “Joe’s Jive”, “Joe’s Journal”, or “Spaulding Style.”
    Eric Mann has a column he puts out once in a blue moon. If you happened to catch it you know it's entitled, "Mann to Man." Catchy. To the point. I need something like that I think.
    So help me out, readers. What should this new column be called? Email me some thoughts! If your title ends up being the one I use, your name will certainly be remembered for all time (at least in my heart). I will post the winner's name and suggested title next week.
    Send responses to Looking forward to all the ideas! Stay tuned.

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