Woodcrest chief no longer interim

    The interim administrator the Woodcrest Retirement Center in Decatur has had the “interim” removed from his title as Adams Health Network (AHN) President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Nordwick has announced that Bill Watson has been appointed vice president of long-term care for AHN.
    Watson’s position became effective earlier this month and his duties will include being a member of the senior leadership team at AHN, serving as executive director for the Woodcrest Retirement Center and having oversight responsibility for Adams-Evergreen and Adams-Heritage (the assisted living unit and Monroeville nursing home) operated by AHN, Nordwick said.
    With over 30 years of experience in nursing home administration and long-term care, Watson has spent the past several months at Woodcrest in an interim position.
    Watson and his wife currently live in Noblesville and “down the road” are interested in moving to Adams County, according to a news release. He said that years of “flying out on Monday, staying in hotels, and then coming back on Friday” made him look for a place to establish roots and that the Woodcrest position is the type of job he’s excited to fill.
    “At this time in my life, the travel doesn’t excite me anymore. Most of the things here at Woodcrest are in good shape, but like any building, there is room for improvement,” Watson noted, adding a recent Indiana State Department of Health survey was “dramatically better” than last year.
    He also alluded to surveys which show most areas of Woodcrest “rated highly” and agreed that Woodcrest has the same problem that the “industry as a whole has” with not enough staff.
    “Still, our service level is good. We have very good nurses and CNAs and it’s on their backs that we build our reputation,” he stressed in the news release, adding: “I am very excited to be here because I believe Adams Health Network is a quality provider.”
    His first nursing home administrative job was landed in 1981 and in 2003, he and his wife, Jan, started a company known as Compliance Management Associates LLC, where he worked as an interim fill-in for nursing homes and long-term care facilities around the United States. He is a licensed administrator in five states.