Wind tower test has its supporters

    Supporters of the meteorological tower that has now been given the green light by the Adams County Board of Building/Planning and Zoning spoke publicly for the first time Thursday evening.
    Prior to Thursday's meeting, only those opposing the tower have  voiced their opinions to officials, giving some people the impression that there were no supporters whatsoever.
    Thursday's meeting with the zoning board turned out a mixture of opponents and supporters in what became, at times, tense interactions between the two groups.
    One resident who lives near the farm of Leroy Boerger, where the tower will be built, stated, "If we give up a little farm land to get anybody, anywhere off of oil or coal, that's a good thing and I think our forefathers would be proud!"
    Another resident, after hearing several comments that everyone attending the meeting was against the tower, asked for a show of hands of those who were for and those who were against it, saying he wanted to go on record that not everybody was against the idea.
    The board immediately declined this request, stating its decision would be based on the merit of law and would not be swayed by public opinion.
    Regardless of which side of the fence they land on, it appears the meteorological tower, and the possibility it presents for a wind farm in Adams County, has area residents talking.