Wells Fargo glitch causes problems for online bankers

Staff Writer

Decatur Daily Democrat

    Customers of Wells Fargo are scrutinizing account balances after an undetermined number of customer accounts were affected Wednesday by a bank error that caused online payments to be processed twice.
     Fort Wayne news station ABC21 was notified of the "glitch" not by the bank, but by a customer who had her account drained due to the error.
    "We received an email notification saying our account was over drawn nearly $800," she said in a message to the station. "I logged in, seen the bills and car payoff were all doubled. This glitch is affecting anyone that paid their bills through online banking.
    "This is an unfortunate situation. We are zeroed out, and there's nothing they will do to compensate for the problem. All we can do is wait. They don't have an eta. The customer service guy said it could be a few days!!!"
    This isn't an isolated incident, according to the Wells Fargo Facebook post, which said simply, "Some customers may be having an issue with their Bill Pay transactions. We are working to fix the issue and resolve this tonight. Thanks for your patience."
    That did little to reassure customers, however, as hundreds have commented thus far, expressing a great deal of frustration with how the situation was handled; or rather, how it wasn't handled.
    Although some received an email notice, that was not the case in all situations, according to several posts. One customer commented, " The fact that there was NO notification sent out, that people had to be on hold for hours on end, just to find out there was a 'glitch' put everyone over the top. Not even the branches were notified. I know, as I was at the bank with the manager and waiting for over an hour on hold before lockdown sent me out the door, with no one ever answering the call. Text, email, pop-up when logging in, notification to the branches. Poorly, poorly, poorly, handled."
    As of press time this morning, no resolution had been released by the bank.
    In 2016, Wells Fargo was fined $185 million for illegally opening millions of unauthorized accounts for customers in order to meet aggressive sales goals.