Weather slows hospital projects

    Wet weather in the area has not affected only sporting events.
    Adams Health Network (AHN)  Executive Director Marvin L. Baird reported to AHN trustees at their meeting this week that construction work at two of the organization's work sites have crawled to a snail's pace due to wet grounds.
    The new physician's office building adjacent to the hospital has seen "very little" work in recent days although the foundation has been poured. The anticipated finish date of late August will not be met, in all probability, due to weather woes, according to Baird.
    Renovation work at the Woodcrest Nursing Center to convert the unused "B" wing into the new Adams Health Network Rehabilitation Unit has ceased since nothing can be done until the driveway to the new unit has been poured. Baird said workers are waiting for drier weather before that surface is placed.
    The AHN board, meanwhile, approved a bid from the Bank of Geneva to help finance the two projects as a $2 million loan was okayed by trustees.