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Waugh takes pair of sectional wins for Stars

February 7, 2011

WAUGH TO STATE — Erika Waugh of South Adams performs in a freestyle event recently. Waugh won both the 500 free and backstroke Saturday at the Jay Swim Sectional, earning two slots at the IHSAA State Girls Swim Finals. (Photo by Jim Hopkins)

    PORTLAND—South Adams continued its tradition of sending swimmers to the IHSAA state finals in swimming on Saturday as senior Erika Waugh breezed to a pair of individual victories in the 100 backstroke and 500 freestyle in the 37th annual IHSAA state swimming sectional held at Jay County High School.
    Waugh was impressive in the backstroke event as she easily beat the field with a clocking of 1:00.85. When she touched the pad to finish her race, she was over three seconds ahead of the second place Norwell swimmer,
    In the 500 freestyle race, Waugh was even more dominant slicing an amazing 18.77 seconds off her Friday night preliminary swim that also placed her in first place. In Saturday's final, the field was no match for Waugh who finished at 5:24.20 a whopping 31.29 seconds ahead of her nearest competitor.
    The two wins by Waugh were the only victories on the day for Adams County swimmers. Individual event winners or those who are better than the state posted time advance to the state finals held at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis.
    Muncie Central dominated the team score in the sectional with 320 points on the strength of six wins, including the opening 200 medley relay and final 400 freestyle relay. Relay wins were worth 32 points while individual titles earned the Bearcats 16 points each.
    Jay County was a distant second at 228 with two victories including the 200 freestyle relay. Norwell won two races as well to finish third with 215 markers and the Bellmont Squaws ended up fourth at 168. Other teams including Delta 134, South Adams 119, Bluffton 88, Adams Central 53, and Muncie Southside 26.
    The Squaws earned two thirds, one fourth, three fifths and one sixth place finish in the meet. Their 200 freestyle relay crew of Megan Maynard, Bailee Hankenson, Sarra Evans, and Rachel Klingensmith (three freshmen and one sophomore) was third in 1:48.33 while the 400 freestyle foursome of Klingensmith, Maynard, Mikayla Voglewede, and Erin Hunter was timed at 4:01.64.
    Other top six finishes for the Squaws found Klingensmith in fourth position in the 100 freestyle with a :59.24 time, Peighton Morlan was fifth in the 100 backstroke at 1:10.11,  Voglewede ended up fifth in the 200 freestyle with a 2:14.04 finish,  the BHS 200 medley relay team of Morlan, Hankenson, Hunter, and Evans was fifth in 2:04.47, and Maynard copped sixth in the 50 freestyle in :27.05.
    The lone top six finisher for Adams Central was a sixth place spot for Ali McClain in the 100 butterfly at 1:07.16.
    South Adams also posted three fourth place finishes and one sixth. In fourth place were the 200 medley relay and 400 freestyle relay  team of Kara DeLong, Michaela Rupp, Alex Fox, and Waugh in respective times of 2:02.61 and 4:06.61, and DeLong in the 100 backstroke in 1:07.11. In sixth place for the Starfish was DeLong in the 200 IM in 2:35.67.
    IHSAA Girls Swim Sectional
    Muncie Central 320, Jay County 228, Norwell 215, Bellmont 168, Delta 134, South Adams 119, Bluffton 88, Adams Central 53, Muncie Southside 26
    200 Medley Relay-1. Muncie Central, 1:53.66; 2. Jay County; 3. Norwell; 4. South Adams (Kara DeLong, Michaela Rupp, Alex Fox, Erika Waugh), 2:02.61; 5. Bellmont (Peighton Morlan, Bailee Hankenson, Erin Hunter, Sarra Evans), 2:04.47; 6. Delta; 7. Adams Central (Yuleeza McCullough, Whittney Landis, Ali McClain, Jamie Swales), 2:12.84; 8. Bluffton.
    200 Freestyle-1. Brooke Cossairt (NO), 2:06.08; 2. Eme Miller (JC); 3. Kathleen Tomlin (DE); 4. Casey Byrnes (MC); 5. Mikayla Voglewede (BE), 2:14.04; 6. Halle Sweet (NO); 7. Nikke Blair (BL); 8. Molly Rawson (MC); 9. Kalah Hughes (MC); 10. Alyson Lucas (JC); 11. Chloe Mock (BE), 2:20.75; 12. Jennifer Lewis (MS).
    200 IM-1. Emmy Rawson (MC), 2:13.60; 2. Victoria Haller (MC); 3. Emilee Kirby (DE); 4. Sydney Clasby (MC); 5. Stephanie Bussey (NO); 6. Kara DeLong (SA), 2:35.67; 7. Caitlin Mark (JC); 8. Sarra Evans (BE), 2:33.20; 9. Laura Bowen (JC); 10. Audry Estill (BL); 11.  Courtney DeRemer (NO); 12. Risa Wang (NO).
    50 Freestyle-1. Anne Tinder (MC), :25.88; 2. Kaitlin Kerrigan (MC); 3. Kimberlee Bussey (NO); 4. Charlotte Becot (JC); 5. Kendall Bryant (MC); 6. Megan Maynard (BE), :27.05; 7. Rachel Klingensmith (BE), :27.29; 8. Ali McClain (AC), :27.50; 9. Haley Huffman (BL); 10. Lydia Bates (BL); 11. Connelly Mettler (BL); 12. Macie Johnson (MS).
    Diving-1. Leah Huggins (NO), 337.70; 2. Kaitlyn Kennedy (DE); 3. Megan Taylor (JC); 4. Kenna Gibson (DE); 5. Rachel Vogler (JC); 6. Olivia Shapley (NO); 7. Jordyn Cline (MC); 8. Nicola Jones (BE), 246.40; 9. Alisen Barger (AC), 239.20; 10. Catherine Smith (MC); 11. Lauren Turner (SA), 222.00; 12. Suzanne Smith (MC).
    100 Butterfly-1. Emmy Rawson (MC), :59.25; 2. Danielle Thomas (NO); 3. Mary Hudson (JC); 4. Sydney Clasby (MC); 5. Brie McGhee (JC); 6. Ali McClain (AC), 1:07.16; 7. Erin Hunter (BE), 1:06.74; 8. Megan Maynard (BE), 1:06.85;  9. Courtney DeRemer (NO); 10. Maija Lewis (DE); 11. Audry Estill (BL); 12. Alex Fox (SA), 1:11.24.
    100 Freestyle-1. Anne Tinder (MC), :56.27;  2. Brooke Cossairt (NO); 3. Charlotte Becot (JC); 4. Rachel Klingensmith (BE), :59.24; 5. Haley Huffman (BL); 6. Kendall Bryant (MC); 7. Caitlin Mark (JC); 8. Bailee Hankenson (BE), 1:01.83;  9. Halle Sweet (NO); 10. Michaela Rupp (SA), 1:01.98; 11. Shannon Ellery (DE); 12. Whitney Coffman (MC).
    500 Freestyle-1. Erika Waugh (SA), 5:24.20; 2. Kathleen Tomlin (DE); 3. Molly Rawson (MC); 4. Eme Miller (JC); 5. Ellen Tinder (MC); 6. Kalah Hughes (MC); 7. Mikayla Voglewede (BE), 6:05.56; 8. Robin Butler (BL); 9. Chloe Mock (BE), 6:10.07; 10. Alyson Lucas (JC); 11. Katie Simmons (JC); 12. Tamara Modglin (DE).
    200 Freestyle Relay-1. Jay County, 1:44.67; 2. Muncie Central; 3. Bellmont (Megan Maynard, Bailee Hankenson, Sarra Evans, Rachel Klingensmith), 1:48.33; 4. Bluffton; 5. Delta; 6. Norwell; 7. Muncie Southside; 8. South Adams (Emily Miller, Olivia Turner, Abbie Campbell, Brooke Kirchhofer), 1:58.27;  9. Adams Central (Alisen Barger, Whittney Landis, Anna Wellman, Ali McClain), 2:01.45.
    100 Backstroke-1. Erika Waugh (SA), 1:00.85; 2. Kimberlee Bussey (NO); 3. Brie McGhee (JC); 4. Kara DeLong (SA), 1:07.11; 5. Peighton Morlan (BE), 1:10.11; 6. Jennifer Koontz (MC); 7. Erin Hunter (BE), 1:09.46; 8. Maija Lewis (DE); 9. Ellen Tinder (MC); 10. Kirsten Bigelow (NO); 11. Yuleeza McCullough (AC), 1;13.83; 12. Laura Bowen (JC).
    100 Breaststroke-1. Mary Hudson (JC), 1:08.40; 2. Danielle Thomas (NO); 3.  Victoria Haller (MC); 4. Kaitlin Kerrigan (MC); 5. Emilee Kirby (DE); 6. Stephanie Bussey (NO); 7. Michaela Rupp (SA), 1:16.85; 8. Bailee Hankenson (BE), 1:17.35; 9. Elaine Hemmelgarn (JC); 10. Whittney Landis (AC), 1:17.53; 11. Katie Simmons (JC), 1:17.94; 12. Sarra Evans (BE), 1:19.80.
    400 Freestyle Relay-1. Muncie Central, 3:47.45; 2. Norwell; 3. Bellmont (Rachel Klingensmith, Mikayla Voglewede, Megan Maynard, Erin Hunter), 4:01.64;  4. South Adams (Alex Fox, Kara DeLong, Michaela Rupp, Erika Waugh), 4:06.61; 5. Bluffton; 6. Jay County; 7. Delta; 8. Muncie Southside; 9. Adams Central (Alisen Barger, Kendra Kauffman, Tori McSwain, Yuleeza McCullough), 4:48.59.

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