Wanted man apprehended in Decatur

    A man accused of pulling off three robberies in Fort Wayne within five hours early Thursday morning was arrested in Decatur around 7 a.m. today by city police and was quickly transferred to the custody of authorities in Allen County.
    Police Chief Ken Ketzler said this morning that Christopher Myles was apprehended in an apartment on 17th St. He was taken into custody without any incidents.
    Myles will be charged with robberies at the following sites:
    • A CVS store on E. State Blvd., where he allegedly obtained some cash, a bottle of vodka, and some orange juice at 12:35 a.m.
    • A Walgreens store on Coliseum Blvd., where he reportedly took a carton of cigarettes at 4:26 a.m. The suspect allegedly struggled briefly with a cashier at that location.
    • A Marathon gas station on Coldwater Rd., where he is said to have obtained money and an energy drink at 4:51 a.m.
    A Fort Wayne police report says the suspect did not show a weapon at any of the three places, but made hand movements around and in his pants to give the impression that he had a gun.