Voting in Adams County to begin at 6 a.m. Tuesday

    Adams County voters go the the polls on Tuesday to make decisions in a number of local races, in addition to state and national races.    
    The polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Adams County.
    Adams County Democratic Party Chairwoman Barb Engle has announced that any Democratic voter who wants a ride to a polling place anywhere in Adams County on Tuesday should call 724-7408.
    After the polls close at 6 p.m. the Democratic and Republican parties will gather in the downtown Decatur area to receive the results of the voting.
    The Democrats will meet in American Legion Post 43 at First and Madison Sts.
    The Republicans will meet in Elks Lodge 993 at 327 N. Second St.
    Both gatherings are open to the public.
    The Associated Press has reported that more than 200,000 Indiana voters had cast early ballots by Friday — a number already greater than the 170,000 who cast absentee ballots before the last midterm elections in 2006.
    Voters had until noon today to vote early in person, generally at county clerks’ offices.
    Scott Rush of Indianapolis says he was in the City-County Building in Indianapolis on Friday and decided on the spot to get his voting out of the way early.
    In northwestern Indiana’s Newton County, chief deputy clerk for elections Marlene Taden says interest in local races seemed to be motivating many early voters. That county already has had more than twice the number of early voters than it had for the primary election this year.
    Meanwhile, nearly 500 people who voted early in a central Indiana county have been told they can cast new ballots after late candidate changes in two local races.
    Bartholomew County Clerk Tami Hines says the letters were mailed last week to 474 voters, although none had voted again as of midweek. The Republic reports the ballot changes came when candidates in two township advisory board races moved from those Columbus-area districts and were replaced by their political parties.
    Hines says those who bypass the chance to cast new ballots will still have their votes in all other races count. For those who revote, their first ballots will be scrapped.