Vandalism in city parks becoming a major concern

    Vandalism in the city’s parks and elsewhere has become a major concern, and Mayor John Schultz plus members of city council are asking for the public’s help to get a handle on it.
    “We have some serious issues with vandalism in our parks,” the mayor said at Tuesday’s meeting before having City Manager Jeremy Gilbert provide details.
    “It’s not just in the parks; it’s all over the city,” Gilbert said. In addition to the vandalism in the parks, street cones and barricades have been stolen. A water fountain in Hanna-Nuttman Park has been torn up twice in two weeks, rest rooms have suffered major damage, and there has been no letup, he added.
    “We’ve had some pretty nasty things (happen) in the last two or three weeks,” Gilbert continued. One repair job, he said, cost more than $400.
    Gilbert said the park board was “taking a look at” security cameras, but that is in preliminary stages.
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