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Ultimate frisbee continues its rise in Decatur’s parks

June 26, 2014

NOT JUST A LEISURELY GAME— In a game of ultimate frisbee, Nathan Sheneman makes the catch over Justin Kukelhan scoring a point. Sheneman and the Pink Lawnchairs went on to win the championship last season. Ultimate frisbee has become the latest craze as Decatur has developed its own league play. (Photo provided)

    When someone suggests throwing a frisbee around in the park, leisure and laid back are terms that come to mind.
    For the Decatur Ultimate Frisbee League (DUFL), established in the summer of 2009, it can be as competitive as any physically demanding sport.
    The game, sometimes called just "Ultimate" or "Ultimate Disc" was a school yard game played by high school and college students alike from Decatur in years past but it was not until 2009 that the formation of a league was considered.
    While mostly a group idea, credit for the league formation has been given to Decatur native, Amber Heimann as she had a hand in the major organizing responsibilities.
    For those unfamiliar with the inventive game, ultimate frisbee is played on a slightly smaller version of a football field with a similar, rectangle-shaped look with end zones on each side.
    Like football, to score a point, players must advance the frisbee through strategic tosses down field until they cross the end zone barrier, like a touchdown...........

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