Trucker who hit highway worker is facing charge

    Adams County Prosecutor Chris Harvey has announced that the truck driver involved in a fatal accident at a highway improvement project in Decatur on April 13 this year has been arrested for causing death while operating a vehicle with a controlled substance in his blood.
    The driver, Gary L. Biehl, 37, of Huntington, allowed a blood sample to be taken right after the tragedy. That sample, says Harvey, showed that marijuana was in Biehl's blood.
    The accident happened at S. 13th St. and Winchester St. when Biehl turned a tractor-trailerr rig from Winchester to 13th and hit Ryan D. Zimmerman, 25, Fort Wayne, who was working in a shallow hole about 15 inches deep by a curb as an employee of the Primco firm of Fort Wayne.
    Zimmerman died UPon impact, about a week before he was be married.
    Beal was cited by an Indiana State Police truck enforcement trooper for having an expired truck license plate and not having current fuel tax records.
    Biehl posted a $20,000 bond on Wednesday to leave the Adams County Jail.
    The case was filed in Adams Circuit Court.