Touchdown in Van Wert County

    A tornado that apparently developed near the Indiana-Ohio state line caused significant damage in Van Wert County, Ohio, at midday Tuesday, but no one was injured.
    Van Wert County Emergency Management Director Rick McCoy reported that the twister struck about 11:15 a.m. as it moved north of US 224 toward Convoy, Ohio. Wind speeds were recorded at 80 to 85 mph.
    He also said strong rotational winds were spotted by radar near Berne, with speeds up to 70 mph.
    The Van Wert tornado, the third one to strike that county this year, overturned a parked trailer from a semi-tractor rig, flipped a camper, rolled a storage building, tore part of the roof off one house, removed the roof from another home and destroyed the garage there, and shifted that second dwelling on its foundation.
    In addition, a small windmill was blown 40 yards and some of the blown-off roof landed 110 yards away, with other debris spread for more than a mile across fields. A vacant barn was also wiped out by the wind.
    McCoy said workers at the Robert P. Mone Power Plant heard the loud rumble of the tornado just before it lifted off the ground and dissipated.
    He said a custodian at the Crestview school, Jeff Waddles, reported seeing a large cone-shaped funnel as he looked out a window.
    There were power outages in Van Wert County caused by the twister and reports of three barn roofs blown away east of Van Wert.
    A tractor-trailer truck was knocked over on US 30.
    McCoy also said there may have been three other tornado touchdowns in Ohio yesterday: near Haviland, Continental, and Cridersville. Building damage was reported in those areas, he said.