Time for city redistricting...if needed

    Armed with figures provided by the recent US Census, the City of Decatur in the coming months will be looking at its voting districts for possibly redrawing the maps for voting balance.
    City Attorney Tim Baker told city council at its meeting this week that redistricting must be done this year. Once new population figures are obtained from the county clerk, Baker said, an assessment of the districts can be made.
    "It could be that we won't have to make any changes," he remarked.
    Also at the council meeting:
    • Mayor John Schultz said three bids have been received for demolishing the former Dwayne's Sweeper Shop at the corner of Second and Monroe streets. The bids varied greatly, ranging from $75,000 to $184,000 to $345,000.
    The bids were taken under advisement for study, the mayor added.
    • Parks and Recreation Director Steve Krull said all trees targeted for removal (mostly ash trees) have been disposed of and the city's tree program picked up some 200 new trees last week. Due to the mild weather, planting has already begun.
    Once those are planted, a pruning of older trees will begin.
     • Fire Chief Les Marckel said the department's big ladder truck passed its annual inspection and two other ladders were due for inspection this week.
    • It was noted that James Corey Hamm has completed his one-year probationary period and is now a full-fledged member of the city police department.
    • Councilman Bill Crone was unable to attend the meeting.