Tent revival meeting is sought in Decatur

    Decatur apparently is going to be the site next month of a tent revival meeting.
    Rev. Jim Splawn of Huntington, representing himself and city resident Susan Osborne, told city council on Tuesday night that he would like to hold a tent revival meeting on the vacant area off Seventh St. between the city fire station and the old depot.
    According to Osborne, tent revivals were held there many years ago.
    Splawn said he has been holding tent revivals "all of the United States" for more than 30 years. It would be "a church under a tent," with evening services, he added. His tent is 30 feet wide and 60 feet high and holds approximately 100 people.
    The meetings would be open to anyone.
    Splawn proposed dates of Thursday through Saturday, August 18-20. Mayor John Schultz said that would be in the midst of the city's 175th celebration and a local pastor, Jim Compton, is planning something similar.
    That seemed to be no major problem, though, as Splawn said he is flexible on dates.
    Parks and Recreation Director Steve Krull said parking at that site "would be a major issue." Other problems to come up dealt with Seventh St. being a major route for the fire department and the terrain of the area to be used.
    The mayor ended the discussion by saying would talk to Compton to learn his plans, then meet with Splawn and Osborne.