Swiss Heritage Festival scheduled September 7

    When the sun rises over Swiss Heritage Village & Museum in Berne on Saturday, September 7, the atmosphere will carry visitors back to the 1800s, transported by the sights and sounds of an era gone by to a time when the pace of life was slower and families had to work together to sustain themselves.
    From the scent of smoked ham and black pot bean soup being prepared over a fire all day long to the sweet scent of apples being pressed into cider with the world’s largest cider press, the Swiss Heritage Festival immediately takes visitors back in time.
    Artisans will demonstrate how early settlers made rope, cut logs, washed their clothes, quilted blankets and made cheese.  Visitors of all ages may  shell corn with a hand crank sheller, churn butter, spin wool, use their manpower to cross cut saw wood, or stir the big black pot of apple butter.  Others will have the opportunity to learn the art of paper quilling, or how to speak a few words in Swiss, while re-enactors of the 1812 U.S. Light Artillery Unit will demonstrate army life of an earlier era.
    Further details in today's print and e-editions.