Student project honors Taylor

    Grayson Hogg, a junior at South Adams High School, presented to school board members on Tuesday an idea he had for a school project.
    Hogg explained that the project came about as part of an English assignment to come up with an idea for Veteran's Day in honor of Army Spec. Nick Taylor, who died in the line of duty in July. Hogg's idea is to make a Mother's Flag. He explained that the Mother's Flag was originally created to provide support for a mother who has lost a son or daughter while he/she was serving in a war.  
    Hogg plans to sell small and large gold stars for $1 and $5, respectively. The Mother's Flag will be displayed in the school cafeteria with banners hanging from it on which the gold stars will be affixed. After the project, Hogg said the flag, banners and gold stars will be given to Taylor's mother in honor of her son.
    The money raised will go toward the Nick Taylor Scholarship fund.
    Hogg said he will begin advertising yet this week and the gold stars will go on sale next week.
    No board approval was necessary, but board members agreed that Hogg's idea is a great way to show support to the Taylor family and to help contribute to the Nick Taylor Scholarship fund.