Stricken woman opens eyes

    An apparent glimmer of hope has arise in the case of Kaye Mellencamp, the Berne woman felled by a brain aneurysm on Election Day, May 8.
    Fort Wayne Journal Gazette columnist Frank Gray said in an article in Tuesday's edition that the stricken woman opened her eyes on Sunday morning and began following people with her eyes as they moved.
    She tried to speak, but couldn't as a breathing tube was still in place.
    According to Gray, Tony Mellencamp said he spoke to his wife’s doctors on Monday morning. Gray quoted Tony as saying, “...and frankly, I think they’re amazed. Even the nurses can’t believe it.”
    Her condition is, of course, still extremely serious and, according to Gray, Tony said Kay will be taken off a ventilator to determine if she can breath on her own.
    Mrs. Mellencamp was struck down at home on the morning of Election Day, when her husband would, a few hours later, be selected by Republican voters to be one of the party's three candidates for a seat on the Adams County Council.    She was rushed to Adams Memorial, then Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne where, according to Gray, a blood vessel in her brain ruptured again. After surgery, she was placed in a drug-induced coma.