Storm brought power loss to nursing home

    A recent storm that hit the area was well-documented for the damage that it did to businesses, restaurants, and residences.
    Members of the Adams Health Network Board of Trustees were informed of a situation on June 29 that occurred as a result of the storm when total power was disrupted to the hospital's Adams-Heritage nursing home in Monroeville.
    Director of Support Services Nick Nelson told trustees that, fortunately, a generator on site immediately kicked in. But it was able to provide power for critical systems only, such as basic heating and air conditioning, some lighting, power for kitchen appliances to maintain food safety, and several other areas.
    "We were without power from about 3 p.m. that day until 1:30 to 2 p.m. the following Monday," Nelson said."We didn't seem to get a whole lot of concern from the Paulding-Putnam Electric Company" that provides power for that section of southeastern Allen County and some in northeastern Adams County.
    He said a call to the McAllister Company, which maintains the generator in use at the nursing home, resulted in a quick response from the head office in Indianapolis and a brand new additional generator was brought to the nursing home. Complete, full power was restored via the two generators by 9 a.m. Saturday.
    Power from the generators was used until the regular electrical system was back in force on Monday.
    "McAllister's bent over backwards to help us," Nelson praised, adding that this was the third time in four years that Adams-Heritage has had "zero power for at least one day."
    Until the new generator was hooked up on Saturday morning, some systems at the nursing home, such as room temperatures for the patients, were affected and state regulations forced AHN to report the incident to the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).
    AHN President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Nordwick recounted a list of items that would necessitate a self-reporting to ISDH officials. He said a power outage of this nature certainly fell into that category and that Adams-Heritage Administrator Carmela Tuttle called state officials Friday night.
    ISDH officials called back the following Monday to check on the situation to make sure the plan AHN officials had in place was working and they were pleased the new generator was working well and full power was being utilized, it was noted.