Stimpson a unanimous pick to stay on NA board

    Michelle Stimpson has been chosen by the trustees of the three northern townships to serve a second term on the North Adams Board of Education.
    The announcement was made by Root Township Trustee Dan Bieberich.
    The other candidate was former board member Juan Gutierrez.
    In his notice, Bieberich said a third candidate was disqualified since the person did not live in the district, as required. He did not name the candidate.
    The selection of Stimpson, who starts a new four-year term on July 1, was unanimous and made at a public meeting, Bieberich said.
    "With the importance of the school board and it being the last one that the trustees of Root, Preble and Union Twp. (townships). will appoint, it was unfortuniate that only two people applied and four people attended the meeting," Bieberich said in his announcement.
    The other trustees are Brad Alberson of Union Township and Darrel Ehlerding of Preble Township.
    It was the final appointment since the NA board will be elected in the future.
    District 2 includes Union, Root and Preble townships, and the northern two miles of Washington Township, outside the city of Decatur.    Decatur City Council will make its final appointment at its Tuesday night meeting starting at 7:30 p.m. in City Hall. Current member Ben Faurote and Stacey Bussel are the candidates, both Decatur residents.