Squaws beat Snider in four

    FORT WAYNE—The first words coach Krull used to describe the Snider/Bellmont game on Thursday night was "intense."
    The Squaws got off to another slow start which led to the eventual dropping of game one, but, as Bellmont has shown all season long to this point, when they get warmed up they are hard to beat.
    In a four-game battle with the Lady Panthers, Bellmont emerged victorious 20-25, 25-17, 25-13, 25-10.
    And they did it in front of a hostile crowd, against a big school, and on the road.
    "I was proud of our ability to bounce back," Bellmont coach Craig Krull noted after the game. "We made little adjustments with serving and defensive strategies, but it was what was necessary for us to beat Snider."
    Bellmont's slow start found them down early in the first set, but the Squaws would eventually bounce back to take the lead and hold it for most of the set. Snider would go on a late run taking the lead once again, then held off the visitors to win the set.
    "We did a great job of standing tall and taking the strong push from Snider," praised Krull, "and we did a better job of pushing back."
    According the the BHS coach, the Squaws' passing was not good in game one leading to an offensive attack that was not very focused. The athletic ability of Snider kept the sluggish Bellmont offense off their backs long enough to take the first game.
    The difference for the Squaws in this game and earlier contests like Heritage and Northrop was the quality of the opponent. When Bellmont's slow start in those games leveled out, the Squaws were still able to take the first game, then blow out the other team in games two and three. Snider showed some poise taking the first game, but a better, more focused team came out of the huddle for the next three games for coach Krull.
    "We came out refocused for the rest of the match."
    The Squaws' passing and serving got back on track allowing the quick pace of Bellmont to overcome Snider's size at the net. Set two was close until the end but the final two were never in doubt for Bellmont.