South Adams has a potential buyer for tract of land

    The South Adams Schools Board on Tuesday restated its desire to sell the former elementary school property after being informed of a potential buyer.
    Superintendent Scott Litwiller announced at the board meeting that "a national development company has expressed an interest and intent to purchase" the tract of land located at the corner of US 27 and State Route 218 in Berne.
    Although the company interested in purchasing the property is currently choosing to remain anonymous, Litwiller said he has talked with a company representative and, "He assured me that his interest is real." The potential buyer also said he expects to work with the city and the community on the developmental requirements, but has yet to disclose any property development plans.
    After Steve Kreigh of GKB Enterprises rescinded the company's June 6 offer of $650,000 to purchase the land, the school corporation was back to square one in the process of selling the land. The original offer was contingent upon a lease being signed with CVS, but CVS indicated that its relocation was no longer a priority.
    In August, board members Tony Mellencamp and John Mann said that they would like to wait to get the required two appraisals until someone expressed interest in the property. Julie Mansfield said she would like to hold off on another appraisal until the road work at the intersection of US 27 and State Route 218 was completed.
    Now that there is a potential buyer and the roadwork is completed, the school corporation will move forward in the process by obtaining the necessary appraisals. Those appraisals are expected to be completed by next month's school board meeting.
    According to Litwiller, obtaining the appraisals is only the first step being made to move forward in the process of selling the land. He added that the school corporation will still need to notify the public of bid dates, times, terms and conditions.
    The matter will be discussed further at the January 10 meeting.