Solid waste district solid financially

    The Adams County Solid Waste Management District is in "very good financial shape" as it enters the new year, according to the district's legal representative, which in turn is good news for all county residents.
    Attorney Tim Baker offered that assessment Tuesday during a regular meeting of the solid waste district's board of directors after hearing a review of 2012 expenses and expenditures incurred by the district.
    Baker said that even though the district's cash balance declined from $1.3 million in 2011 to $1.2 million at the end of 2012, the drop-off is mostly reflective of a large capital expenditure — the purchase of a backhoe — and is actually higher than district officials had anticipated.
    "The good news is that we still have a very healthy cash balance," said Baker. "And that's good news for the cities and towns because it means we're probably going to be able to hold the line on gate fees (disposal costs) through 2014."
    According to the 2012 year-end report submitted by financial officer Rebecca Cochran, revenues for the solid waste district last year totaled just over $1,222,000 — up slightly from $1,197,000 in 2011. The district received $726,600 in tax receipts in 2012, up from $684,400 the previous year. Included in last year's total was $604,681 in property tax revenue; $117,396 in County Option Income Tax (COIT) funds; and $4,522 in commercial vehicle tax receipts.
    Cochran's report showed district expenditures for 2012 totaled $1,371,488 — resulting in a deficit for the year of $74,373. The district's joint purchase of a $130,000 backhoe, which will be shared by the county surveyor's office, was primarily responsible for the deficit, officials said.
    Expenses related to the hauling and disposal of refuse cost the district $501,000 in 2012, up from $454,837 the previous year.
    Cochran said some $300,000 budgeted for 2012 remained unspent at the end of the year and was returned to the solid waste district's general fund to begin the new year. County Commissioner Doug Bauman, a member of the solid waste board, said the savings was a direct reflection of the good stewardship shown by District Director Hank Mayer and Office Manager Betty Garwood during the year.