A slight county credit card misunderstanding

    Adams County Treasurer Tom Krueckeberg appeared before Adams County Commissioners this week to request their signature on a contract with Chase Bank for the issuance of credit cards to be used by county officeholders in the conduct of county business.
    However, County Attorney Mark Burry immediately interjected himself into the conversation, indicating Krueckeberg needed to return to county council for their approval. Krueckeberg stated he was under the impression council had already approved the measure, but Burry said that while council initially felt credit cards for county employees was a good idea, “we need to get the horse before the cart.” Burry indicated his understanding of the discussion with county council was that Krueckeberg had been given approval for the purchase of a single card for use by his office only, but not for other county offices. 
    Burry noted he still had “many questions” surrounding the concept, and stated “We need to adopt a policy” outlining the allowable uses of credit cards “before we get the actual cards.”
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