Signs project to start soon

    A major project is due to begin in Decatur in another week or so: the replacement of some 2,500 street signs.
    Michiana Contracting of Plymouth was awarded the contract with a bid of $16;7,472.63. The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) administers the federal grant awarded the City of Decatur for the project.
    Decatur received $261,900 in federal funds, and with the city's $29,100 match, the total grant amounts to $291,100. The grant covers engineering, inspections, and all other aspects.
    All signs in the city will replaced and some permanently removed. Street marker posts will be replaced, but most stop sign posts will not.
    A three-man crew is expected to do the work, with completion likely in 10 or so weeks,
    When the project is completed, the city will be in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which made major changes to the uniform traffic code in January of 2008, mandating major changes, including signage.

Detention pond
    Meanwhile, Fleming Contracting is expected to begin in the latter part of the month to construct a retention pond in the area of the water tower at Piqua Road and E. Monroe St.
    City officials are hopeful that a $1.7 million project — funded mostly by federal monies — scheduled for that area can begin next year. It would improve drainage in the region, plus provide new pavements and curbs and other improvements. The grant and project are being administered by INDOT.
    The retention pond will be used for runoff from that project.