Sign of change in city

    The $291,100 project to replace most of Decatur's approximate 2,500 street signs is moving along more rapidly than expected, Street/Sewer Superintendent Jeremy Gilbert told city council on Tuesday night.
    Michiana Contracting of Plymouth is doing the work, mostly funded through a federal grant, and had already replaced some 500 signs, Gilbert said Tuesday night.
    Part of the reason is that the expected three-man crew has been expanded to five by Michigana. If that continues, what figured to last about 10 weeks may instead take only six to eight, according to Gilbert.
    All signs in the city will replaced and some permanently removed. Street marker posts will be replaced, but most stop sign posts will not.
    An orange marking on a sign means it is being replaced, according to Gilbert.
    When the project is completed, the city will be in compliance with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), which made major changes to the uniform traffic code in January of 2008, mandating major changes, including signage.