Sex predators, religion policy addressed by NA board

    A policy addressing religion in the curriculum was addressed Tuesday evening by members of the North Adams Community Schools’ board of education. The policy was modified to meet the freedom of expression when it comes to school personnel. As the policy currently stands, a staff member cannot promote or disparage religion.
    The board  also addressed the topic of sex offenders on school property. According to unspecified reports, there are some families in the school district in which a parent is a convicted sex offender. The board sought to create equal opportunities for those parents to be involved in their child’s education.
    As part of the new policy, parents who are known sex offenders must communicate with the school, provide special documentation and make arrangements with school personnel within a specified time frame. The time allotment allows for school officials to arrange a special time and meeting place, away from other children, for such parents to address their child’s education. Each case will be based on factual information given by the parents and an active willingness to comply with the rules that have been set.
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