Schindler Sez

Schindler Sez
    Everyone has a photographic memory, but not too many people get the picture.

    Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women.
        —Nicole Hollander

    Can you imagine a world without women? No nagging and lots of beer, sports, and merriment. 
        — Schindler

You be the Judge
    Have you noticed that the cheats, liars, murderers, and other lawbreakers are never sorry until they get caught? Which makes me wonder, are they really sorry, or are they just pretending to be, so they‘ll get a lighter sentence? Some of the sentences being handed out definitely show, that in a lot of cases, many judges can’t tell the difference.

The Spigot
    Now that I’m in my mid-70s and have finally reached middle-age, sometimes, for no reason at all, my eyes will start watering and the tears pour down my cheeks. This really irritates me because I didn’t turn the spigot on.