SAdams votes to keep RISQ, Life Matters, resource officer

    On Tuesday night, the South Adams School Board decided to continue several programs, including Life Matters Counseling, RISQ, and the School Resource Officer. The programs were formerly funded by the Safe Schools Healthy Students grant, which expired this year.
    Nancy Williams and Chris Gilbert, representing Life Matters Counseling, which has been in South Adams schools since January 2009, reported to the board that they are currently gathering data about the success rate of the program, which initially began as simply behavioral correction. However, when the counselors in the program saw that some students needed more therapeutic approaches because of a negative home environment, they changed to adapt to the students' needs.
    Litwiller, meanwhile, informed the board that the agreement with the Town of Geneva to continue Scott Dailey's employment as the School Resource Officer is not ready, but he thinks it will be by next month. He estimated that continuing these programs will cost the school an additional $85,000 this coming year, but he and the board agreed that the benefits of these programs outweigh the cost.
    Further details in today's print and e-editions.